KV Aviation’s personnel have extensive knowledge
of technical lease management and remarketing of aircraft.

KV Aviation has the core asset management competencies to ensure the protection of asset value, effective relations with key counterparties, and the optimization of lease and transaction economics.

Establishing business in Australia

KV Management has extensive experience in the establishment and management of companies, trusts, and joint ventures involved in domestic and cross border financing and business transactions. We provide an integrated service to allow foreign entities to establish and maintain a presence in Australia without the need to engage multiple service providers.

The KV Management offering consists of:

  • Australian company incorporation

  • Resident director

  • Registered office

  • Taxation

  • Accounting

  • Banking

Australian company incorporation

Public and private Australian companies are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and can be established with one resident director and a single shareholder. A company must also have a registered office in Australia and lodge an annual statement with ASIC.

We are registered ASIC agents and can prepare and lodge all required documents on your behalf as well as:

We can also wind up or liquidate the entity once your operations in Australia have concluded.

Resident director

Each Australian company must have an Australian resident director.

Our team has experience as board members for a number of public and private companies and can bring to bear a lifetime of board knowledge.

Each directorship is subject to the appropriate indemnities and will allow the non-resident director to control the operations.


Our team will implement our standard operating and financial policies and procedures but can also adapt to the requirements of your overseas head office.

Registered office

Every Australian company must have a registered street address in Australia.

Your company can use our address in Australia Square as your registered office. The address can be used for all correspondence and we can collect and on send your mail as necessary. Our board room can also be used to conduct meetings.


KV Management is a registered tax agent with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and can manage all of your Australian tax matters including:

Australian Business Number (ABN)

Each Australian business must apply for an ABN which is used when dealing with the ATO (along with the company’s Tax File Number) and is also required as part of the GST registration process. The ABN is quoted on all of your company’s stationery.


Goods and Services Tax (GST)

GST is a tax of 10% on all taxable supplies provided or consumed by a business.

A business must register for GST if it has a turnover of $75,000 or more. Once registered, a business must charge 10% on all taxable supplies. In turn, the business will be charged 10% on all purchases which it is able to claim back from the ATO. The net GST amount is remitted to the ATO on a regular basis using the Business Activity Statement (BAS). KV Management can account for the GST and prepare and electronically lodge your company’s BAS. We manage a number of entities that provide financial supplies that are “input taxed” and where different rules apply. The GST applicable to cross border flows between the entity and head office will be different again and can generally be managed using the “reverse charge” rules.


We also have experience in preparing and maintaining Transfer Pricing documentation which is required under Australian Income Tax legislation when there are cross border income and expense flows.


Tax File Number (TFN)

Every entity that conducts business and earns income or incurs expenses must register with the ATO and obtain a TFN.
The TFN is a private identifier and is only used when dealing with the ATO.


Income Tax

Individuals, companies, trusts, partnerships and joint ventures are all required to prepare and lodge an annual income tax return. Resident companies are taxed at 30% on their worldwide income. Resident individuals are subject to a progressive scale with increased tax rates applied as income increases. Trust’s, partnerships and joint ventures are generally Nil taxpayers as their income is generally distributed to the beneficiaries or partners.

Our team can prepare and electronically lodge all forms of income tax return for residents and non-residents.


Our accounting team can provide all of your general ledger, monthly reporting and year-end financial reporting requirements. We can customise our reporting to give you the information you need in the form that you need. Our team currently accounts for:

  • 17 commercial aircraft, 6 aircraft engines and spare parts and their respective ownership entities domiciled across Ireland and Australia (Current Value: USD300m)

  • Various SPV’s involved in the financing of a commercial car park in Adelaide and a portfolio of trams operated under contract with the Victorian government

  • Monthly and year end accounting services for KV Aviation and another small business employing 6 people involved in Research and Development in the Energy sector.


Our team has relationships with all of the major Australian banks and a number of different international banks.

We arrange for all account openings and establishing on line access so that you can see all cash movements and provide approvals if required.

Aviation Investment

KV Aviation invests in liquid, in-demand asset types – across the range of commercial aviation assets (aircraft, engines, freighters).

Asset Management

KV Aviation’s personnel have extensive knowledge of technical lease management and remarketing of aircraft.

Airline Solutions

KV Aviation has the ability to partner with airlines to structure, finance and deliver solutions matching the airline’s fleet and funding requirements.

KV Aviation has a successful track record leasing aircraft and engines to airline operators around the world.


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